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Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

When we talk about the skills you need that can help you landing on any internship, being a “College Student” beats all the rest.

After all headlines like “ Hiring college interns. URGENT!!”, “ URGENT! College interns required” and “ College students only “ are there for a reason.


What Makes Lying So Artful To Me by AkshatSW

Lying is yet another great tool of humanity. Though may not be seen as very moral yet is very practical in most cases today.

There are many reasons to lie, some may be for benefits related to self and some for others.

But then lying for the sake of helping…

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Twitter, a famously known microblogging website went down again as people started to complain about some issue that keeps logging them out from their accounts.

According to sources, this has already once happened earlier today and this is the second time the site has faced such issues in the last…

I remember watching How I Met Your Mother a few days ago and thinking it takes so much time to find the one who is truly worth having you.

“You will be shocked, kids when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. …

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We are the creatures of humankind that love sharing stories. We share stories, tell them to others, and sometimes even make people change their hearts and not in a disoriented manner that consists of doing something once and totally forgets about it on the exact next day but in a…

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Would you wake up early every morning if you didn’t have to go to work?

Honestly speaking, I WILL ALWAYS TRY.

Before we start, I would like to explain, let me tell you something about my past sleeping schedule.

As a school student, my school shift used to start at…

If you have lived long enough to be actually part of the social world, I’m pretty sure that you have already come across at least one person who was either toxic or exploited you or basically took benefit of you.

But What Is A Toxic Relationship?

The type of relationship where one or sometimes both the…

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Racism and colourism is a very big problem around the world right now, and no matter if we admit it or not but we all are a part of the racist community to some extent because we have been fed racism since we are born.

But we are not discussing…

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Okay, so the pride month is coming to an end now, and if I’ll be honest a lot of things have happened this year that caught the eyes of the public, thanks to the internet generation.

But we are not discussing that today because all of that is already being…

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Tags and categories play a big role for WordPress writers to organise and make their writing reach the perfect audience.

In SEO, the right tags can help you rank better in a search result.

For Example, If you go on google and search for SEO and top results are that…

Akshat Srivastava

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