Answering The Question Of What Makes College Interns So Much in Demand in 3 Simple Steps

When we talk about the skills you need that can help you landing on any internship, being a “College Student” beats all the rest.

After all headlines like “ Hiring college interns. URGENT!!”, “ URGENT! College interns required” and “ College students only “ are there for a reason.

But why only college interns, I always used to have this question in my mind, and I am sure you do too. What makes “being in a college” such a demanding skill for college internships.

1. The Price

The most straight to point and the crispest clear answer is the price. College students have no kids to cater to and no family to raise ( well, in most cases ), it’s just a bunch of teenagers with some pocket money coming from their parents looking for more pocket money.

They are just looking forward to earning some good cash ( minimum wage ), spend the time they’re already wasting on something worthful, and a certificate that can help them in their carrier and maybe on an individual level.

If done properly, It overall creates a cost-effective environment for both the company and the students interning. “Perfective balanced, just like how things should be”.

2. The Worth

Internships are really really worthful for any college student, especially when it comes to corporate relations.

Not every student has their forefathers in the industry and not every student can do freelance, so internships play a great role for someone who is looking forward to making a future in the corporate industry including freelancing.

Internships allow college students to explore fields, learn more about what they enjoy doing, and specialize in them while expanding their networks. As a result, they will be able to grow on both personal and professional levels.

3. The Chase And Race

The competition for survival for humans is just as tough as the animal kingdom.

When you first start looking for a job, as fresh as bread straight out of the oven. You’ll realize they more than just freshers are applying for a fresher’s job.

You’ll realize that so people who have lost their jobs and people with senior-level experiences are also applying for the same positions as you are.

Companies look for “profit” and will probably choose someone who is more efficient and have much experience in the same field (aka, not you).

Overall, any internship, if done right helps you get started in the industry. And that can be much helpful in today’s world.

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