Suggestions For The Elders During The World Lockdown

Akshat Srivastava
2 min readApr 30, 2020


Dear Elders, these suggestions might not sound too dearly to you but it’s for your sake.

  1. Please don’t go out, I know it’s hard but its the only option you and we have for you.
  2. Being the oldest in the family, you maybe are used to a different kind of laziness, that may include tasks like just sitting in a chair on the room for hours, try being a little active like go for a walk on the rooftop, maybe just sit next to your son or daughter ( Not in an annoying way but a positive way ) while they are doing anything and talk to them.
  3. Have video conferences with your mates and “Yolo” at them, without meeting them in real life.
  4. This is the most important one, and I cannot stress this but “KEEP THAT PHONE AWAY FOR SOME TIME”. In these modern times or elders and we are so overwhelmed by the society and the technology that we find it very hard to spend time off our mobiles and computers.

I wrote this answer on Quora a few days ago, it felt like I should share this here as well.

Click Here is the link to the answer.

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