What Have I Learned After Reading The Story Of The TwoWolfs

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I was reading the story of the two wolfs. If you haven’t heard of it, let me explain it to you before we start…

The story focuses on two wolfs who lives inside you, one of which is bad and cruel, the other one is good and kind.

They fight, a lot, many times a day every day for all of their lives.

But in between the two wolfs, the winner is not the one who has more power or powerful strategy, it’s the one who you choose to feed more.

While I was reading the story, I was also thinking about how people choose to fall for the things they can easily escape from.

Sometimes instead of saying a NO to someone, they choose to feed the YES to them and let the other person have power over themselves and dominate their souls.

I’ve seen people go to the wrong path even when they know that the path they are choosing is not the right path and they don’t do it because it’s the only option that is left instead often they enjoy it.

It’s weird, because I didn’t really understand how to people fall in this trap even after knowing all the truths, and I was curious enough that I lead myself in the dark cave of a self lie without even realising it.

I was lucky enough to understand things and come out so soon, but I got my answer.

Everyone around you is in a constant search of attention, everyone seeks a little attention because that’s basic human nature, everyone wants to be known and famous, and there are two ways of seeking that attention.

First, where you do something either really good. 0r terrible enough that make people think about you and fill your attention greed.

Or the second one where you play the dirty card, also known as the victim card. You play as a fake victim in a fake drama and gain attention in the form of empathy.

The problem with empathy is, it includes you in the situation. Whether or not you want it.

And people spend more time trying to understand and feel your situation and emotionally invest them in you.

But when they realise that they get scammed in the community of fake ferret, the unwanted outrage takes place, making it go all over the place and not leaving no sign behind giving the fake victim another story for his next victim.

It’s a game of victim fishing, either for the real once or the fake once but it the end it’s always about what you choose to be and do at the particular point of time.

Do you choose to feed the evil wolf in you or the good wolf in you? It’s always a tough decision.

A decision that will choose the good and the poor end for you.

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Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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Akshat Srivastava

Akshat Srivastava

Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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