The Ideology Of Black, White And Brown In India

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So there I was, sitting on the bed trying to make myself do something instead of scrolling over the Instagram feed when I saw this video about “The most racist advertisements all over the world” By Project nightfall.

And I totally agreed with it in the end but then the video mentioned an ad that I thought was banned.

Now before I talk any further, project nightfall is a very inspiring person to look up to and he was not wrong at what he said but still I commented something like “All the ads promoting racism are banned in India”

And to which a got a lot of replies that I wanted to share.

Some showed support to what I said and some just simply considered me in a bubble, to which I just can not deny.

Someone also said they wonder why all these celebs agree to do these kinds of promotions.

To which my reply was none other “MONEY !!”

And some just agreed to give me the reasons.

and mentioning this very brilliant quote that says

Give Me The Child For The First Seven Years And I Will Give You The Man

And honestly, this is one of the most accurate quotes that I can use right now to answer the question

“Why Colourism Is Still A Thing?”

That’s all Folks. Thanks for reading.

Originally published at on June 2, 2020.




Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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Akshat Srivastava

Akshat Srivastava

Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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