The Sexuality Scam #Pride

Okay, so the pride month is coming to an end now, and if I’ll be honest a lot of things have happened this year that caught the eyes of the public, thanks to the internet generation.

But we are not discussing that today because all of that is already being discussed on various platforms but the one thing that I haven’t heard enough in the past month is the sexuality scam that has been going around the world.

Before you read further, here is a quick fact for you:

Do you know that the new complete abbreviation for the “LGBT+” is “LGBTTQQIAAP+” which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual, and “+” for the unconsidered once.

Now coming back to our topic of today, What is The Sexuality Scam?

To answer this question I want your participation with me.

How do you see someone who is not straight, okay maybe not you but how do you think the world sees someone who is not straight and why is not so acceptable in society?

It’s okay if you don’t know the exact right answer to this because no one really does and most of the time it’s just random excuses.

But a lot of them are vaguely pointed towards stereotypes.

For example, I live in India and during my childhood mental growth years the Indian movie and television industry have been portraying gays and lesbians either as a comic figure or always lustful and sometimes both.

Cutting it short, we and even our previous generation are being specifically taught that “ IF YOU’RE NOT STRAIGHT, YOU’RE BAD, YOU’RE INFERIOR, YOU’RE OF NO SERIOUS WORTH AND YOU’RE NOT ACCEPTABLE.” And why not, that’s something that everyone has been taught since childhood from the platforms where we have spent most of the time, isn’t it?

And admit this or not but these are one of the major causes of all the gender-related phobias around the world.

Before we move further another quick fact for you:

Do you know during the Stonewall Riots 1969, the first powerful spark for the fight against homophobia has started and since then June is celebrated as pride month.

Well, now you know that.

Many people still think in 2020 that not being straight or being homosexual is a disease, and it can be fixed by giving proper treatment to the patient.

And the treatment is in its popular name is known as “Shock Therapy”, “, and you’re lucky if you don’t know what shock therapy is but let me explain it to you in a non so explicit manner;

Imagine your hands tied to your body and your body tied to a chair with a hard piece of clothes or metal or bone ( Could be anything ) shoved into your mouth, your face is covered with thick enough clothes to make you breathless and everything is wet.

And it is still not done yet, and a current of more than 16000 volts passing through your body at the same time.

But that’s about the old times right, what about the new generation? What about the modern age new advanced open-minded generation?

Honestly speaking it’s better but mostly the same with them as well.

A lot of New generation kids still things that if you’re not straight then you’re not okay, or maybe the problem lies within you, that’s one of the major reasons for teenage suicide nowadays, you can check the stats for yourself if you want.

Or you can read the below stats at

Shocking, isn’t it? but true, you might have never really thought of it but now you will do.

So what can we do about this, well, for now, let people be what they want to be because in a real-life situation you won’t realize if someone is even straight or not, they won’t act like they are in the movies or comedy shows, And I’m saying this from very personal experience.

and for a long term solution, let others know about it, teach your kids, students, friends or anyone who is unaware of it and is willing or even not willing to know about it.

Because at the end of the day, LOVE IS LOVE !! and without it, the world is not going to be a place to live.

Thanks For Reading

This is Akshat, Signing Out✌

Originally published at on June 28, 2020.




Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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Akshat Srivastava

Akshat Srivastava

Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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