Twitter Went Down… Again

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Twitter, a famously known microblogging website went down again as people started to complain about some issue that keeps logging them out from their accounts.

According to sources, this has already once happened earlier today and this is the second time the site has faced such issues in the last 24 hours.

People are seeing various messages and pop-ups saying things like “Something went wrong, please try again” and “Cannot retrieve Tweets at this time”.

Twitter Homepage at 6:46 PM on 17 Jan

Though the logging out issue seems to be faced only by the desktop user, Android and IOS users are also facing some similar issues.

More than 40,000 users are affected by this incident according to Down Tracker, a web app that tracks outrages that caused the downed services.

The issue is said to be under fixing, and hopefully, it’ll get fixed soon!

Update: As of 6:54 PM Twitter starts working again.



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