Why Are You Afraid Of Death

Akshat Srivastava
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Let me ask you a very specific question here.

Are you afraid of death? or are you afraid of the fact that one day there will be a time when you won’t exist, and no one will remember you not even the people who consider you a big part of their life now or maybe the fact that every physical and emotional position you hold won’t be staying yours anymore, no matter how hard you have tried to achieve them?

What? Do you feel like the things I’ve said are vague?

Let me rephrase my question.

How do you feel about death?

Do you think about it as a wave of cold and bad feeling that comes suddenly from nowhere and destroys the beautiful castle of feeling, relationships and people that you have built so far?

Or are you the kind of person who believes death is that magical wave that comes to free your mind from the body, from all the sorrow, from every pain from the past and from the future.

Okay, another question for you.

Are You Really Afraid Of Death?

Are you afraid of anything I have said before, why are you afraid of death? Are you afraid of it in general or because you will lose everything you have achieve in so many years?

Did you had the same fear about death when you were a kid, like free when nothing mattered to you? Did you even know what fear was back then?

Okay, One last question.

Are you really afraid of death? or are you afraid of different ways and forms in which death may come to you?… Are you going to die as everyone does or are you going to have a special movie like death, are you going to die being saved between a battle of life and death or are you going to die saving someone else or maybe you’ll die alone… in the dark without even being acknowledged.

These things are uncertain, completely out of our control and maybe that’s why alot of tries to make their death better for them but attempting suicides.

I don’t really know and I can’t talk about this because these are tough topics and out of my grip but this was something that I had in my mind for some time now.

I feel weird about the topics of life and death and realising how less we know about it and it is even weirder how easily we act to ignore topics like that.

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