What Makes Lying So Artful To Me?

What Makes Lying So Artful To Me by AkshatSW

Lying is yet another great tool of humanity. Though may not be seen as very moral yet is very practical in most cases today.

There are many reasons to lie, some may be for benefits related to self and some for others.

But then lying for the sake of helping others or anything is done for helping others or for the sake of someone else is good and hereby should also be considered moral, right?

Well, the answer is neither wrong nor right… or I might say… you’re partially right.

Doing anything for the sake of someone else does and will make the act morally right but only in a comparative way, that kind of balances the good and bad of both creating an equilibrium and thus helping the statement “It is okay to lie, if that save someone’s life”, though lying is still considered a not very noble thing.

But the question still stands stills…

Why Is Lying Such An Artful Thing? And What Makes Liars so Talented?

As a matter of fact, only a very small significant part of the art of lying sometimes comes naturally, I mean… you’re not forced to lie so many times and more or so in so many cases they are inherited, meaning people get their habits from their parents and those people are very popularly known as compulsive liars.

Lying is said to be one of the most sophisticated skills that can be acquired by someone, and through all and every one of us do lie and some point or the other it is still very hard for so many people to distinguish between a statement lied about and is something that makes lying such a cool skill to be acquired by someone.

But before we talk further, let’s talk about something that seems to very close to lying, Deception.

But What Is Deception Actually?

Deception is basically make something of make-believe but in real life. A simple definition of deception could be making someone believe something that is not true. And yet again I still believe that is a very cool thing because things about making people believe in so many things that don’t exist in real life and are just completely trash…. like conspiracy theories.

But deception is still a totally unrelated term from our main topic, and that is a tale for another time.

Let’s talk Liars and Lying again, there is this one thing, one syndrome, which can also be used as a medical term known as ‘Pseudologia Fantastica” also know as “Pscypathical Lying”.

But What Makes a Pscyopathical Liar?

Pscyopathical liars are also known as compulsive liars, and as we have previously discussed, a Phcyopathical Liar’s traits are inherited, or it can also be said that the traits are very “by birth”.

A Pscyopathical liar will have a continuous urge to lie, even in situations when there is no need for a lie.

The situations can also vary from very intensive to very light to very very silly at times.

A great example of which is a story of the professor, who lied about her qualification and certificates in her record, funny thing being she still had other qualifications that would make her qualified for the same position.

But Seriously, Why Is Lying Such An Artful Thing?

Personally, there are a lot of things that make it very artful. Lying is a talent that can be compared to some major talent full skills like painting, sketching, public speaking… because eventually if you became a professional public speaker your most important work would be to lie on a stage especially if you’ll be connected to politics.

To lie or not to lie is something that totally depends on you and how you perceive your surrounding.

Needless to say, just like any other artful skill it requires a lot of effort when lying about things, so much so that many people tend to turn red or even faint when they have lie.

Either you lie a lot or not, I am not here to pick you and tell you about the morals of life, these are just my thoughts and things I believe in, though I still discourage the act of lying without an absolute requirement whether you choose to take it or not is totally upon you.

And with that note, this will be the end of the post.

Thanks for reading!




Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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Akshat Srivastava

Akshat Srivastava

Sometimes funny always wierd but onspot a pretty good writer

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