Why Self Harm Was Weird To Me

Photo by Hannah Xu on Unsplash

Self Harm Is Something That A Lot Of People Go Through, And To Be Honest I Used To Find It Weird How Someone Can Go So Out Of The Day To Harm Themselves.

Everyone Goes Through Bad Time I Did Too But I Was Fortunate Enough To Not Harm Myself And The Kids Around Me Who Used To Harm Themselves Were The Ones Who Only Used To Do It So That Can Show Their Teenage Boyfriends And Girlfriends That How Much They Love Them And Maybe That Was The Reason For Me To Thinks Self Harm Is Always Intentional and Stupid.

But Now I’m Older And I’ve Realised How Self Harm Works And How Someone Could Go Through So Much To Cause Them To Self Harm.
And There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed of If You Want To Talk About It. It Is Always Better To Share What You Feel.

You Had Your Bad Times, And You Have Successfully Gone Through It.
Be Proud Of Yourself.

It’s Okay, To Go Through Some Things Bad Enough That You Lose Yourself At It, But Remember It Will Be Okay, No Matter How Bad It Is But It Will Be Okay.

As They Say “There Is Always A Sunny Day After A Dark And Stormy Night”, Be Proud Of Yourself For Not Breaking Down In The Dark And Even If You Did, It’s Okay, Everyone Have A Child Inside Of Them And That Child Do Feel Broke Sometimes, But It Is On You How To Take Care Of The Child After.

Originally published at https://akshatswyt.blogspot.com.

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